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About Us

Sunbridge Nepal is a subsidiary of Sunbridge Solar LLC based in Vancouver, USA. Founded in June 2016, Sunbridge Nepal is a for-profit organisation involved in the sustainable energy sector. With its prime focus on off-grid rural installations, Sunbridge Nepal specializes in Solar PV water pumping and has completed the largest multi-stage water lifting project in Nepal.  Our primary focus is on solar PV solutions for electrification. Our experienced team has been a part of some major innovative solar PV works here in Nepal. We have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a 78kWp solar PV system for water lifting purpose, which is by far the largest stand-alone solar PV system here in Nepal for water lifting purpose.  Our product line comprises of Trina Solar modules, World's no 1 PV module manufacturer (Bloomberg 2017), Pedrollo Water Pumps (Italian Premium water pump brand), Shakti Water Pumps (Indian Premium water pump brand), HBL Batteries (Indian Premium Energy brand) and state of the art solar inverters. 

  • Founded in 2016, SBSN has managed to establish its name in the Renewable Energy Sector. Working through its wide network of partners, SBSN has managed to have its presence in more than 40 districts across Nepal.

  • Experienced group of Engineers

  • We envision to work towards empowering energy-poor communities to develop sustainable livelihoods through the provision of renewable energy systems and also translate energy to high levels of social value creation .

  • Working through our vast network of partners in the development sector, we have been working alongside several Governmental, Non-Governmental, Educational and Research Institutions.

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