500.2kWp Solar PV Grid Tied System at Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Prabhas, Tansen, Palpa

This is our first endeavour at a “large” sized Solar PV grid tied system. Lumbini Medical College, the recipient of the Solar PV roof-top subsidy scheme implemented under the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre whereby institutions can avail to low-interest rate loans to integrate renewable energy for their usage. This 500.2kWp utilizes 1220 nos of 410Wp Jinko Mono PERC Solar Modules along with 5 nos of 100kW Sungrow 110CX grid tied inverters. This system is expected to generate at an average of approximately 616,000 units of green electricity on an annual basis. The LCOE for this project is coming to around NRs 7.45/unit. The payback is expected to be around 6.5 years.

Drone Capture of the 500.2kWp Solar PV Project at Lumbini Medical College, Prabhas, Tansen