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Gorkha Installation

25HP submersible water pump connected to a 18kW pump controller powered by a 24.96kWp solar array allowed for water to be pumped at a head of 160 metres at a discharge rate of 40,000 litres/hour. This setup was replicated for the other 2 sites eventually pumping water to the town water distribution tank. Remote monitoring of the system was one of the added features of this installation, which allowed for the pump operators to remotely monitor and control the system.  The entire project was completed in a period of 8 months.

This solar PV water lifting system is meant to supplement the existing water supply lifting system in the town. The solar PV water lifting utilises the existing 5-inch transmission pipelines and hence allows for higher discharge of water when operated simultaneously with the existing electric water pumps being powered by the electric grid. This would allow meeting the ever-increasing demand of water in the town. In the event of power outage in the day-time, the solar PV water lifting system can operate independently lifting water to the distribution tanks and down via the distribution pipelines to the households.