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Nawalparasi Installation

The 9.45kWp solar array powers a 10HP submersible water pump lifting water from a bore well of 30-meter depth to allow for flood irrigation via water channels. The 6-inch bore-well bored into the ground allows for the discharge of around 200m3 of water a day. The project would provide water for irrigating 5 hectares of land.

Arizona State University, Arizona, USA contributed about 85% of the funds with the remaining 15% contribution being made by the Rajahar community.

2 water pumping systems were installed in ward no 15 of Godhar village, Nawalpur District. 5HP submersible water pumps were used at each of these sites being powered by 5.04kWp solar array. Approximately 300,000 litres of discharge was obtained for each of these sites. The pumped water would then be used to irrigate 15 acres of land and hence a total of about 30 acres of land would be irrigated. Water Users’ Group was formed for each of these sites. Arizona State University once again as a part of their sustainability program contributed almost 60%. Kawasoti Municipality contributed about 25% and the rest of the 15% was collected on behalf of the Water Users’ Group.