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Devisthan Solar PV Health Post, Myagdi

Devisthan is a village development committee in Myagdi District in the Dhaulagiri Zone of western-central Nepal. With uncertain timing of blackouts in the village, Devisthan healthpost couldn’t provide timely and proper care for the patients.

Givepower, non-profit organization that develops clean water and energy systems in communities across the world, contracted our company for the installation of Solar PV backup system for the Healthpost.

Inauguration of the Solar PV system in Devisthan Healthpost

On 25th March 2022, we successfully completed the installation of 7.38kWp solar PV system coupled with 31.680 kWh of battery bank that would provide backup for the health post for 1.5 days of no electricity and also meeting the energy demand of 22.4 kWh of energy per day.

Power room of the PV system