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Ghurmi Udayapur Solar PV Minigrid

A 29.25kWp Solar PV array erected at Ghurmi, Udayapur District next to the banks of the Sun Koshi River will now be electrifying more than 40 households and 20 businesses. The system comprises of a 20kVA bidirectional inverter in sync with 90kWh battery bank and a 25kVA diesel generator.

This project is exemplary of a solely private investment minigrid project in Nepal. The private investors Sunbridge Solar Nepal Pvt Ltd and Friends in Renewable Empire has invested in this project with the payback expected in 3 years time. The Ghurmi minigrid community has contributed 15 lakhs. With no external funding, grants or government interference, this privately owned model of Solar PV minigrid now needs to withstand the test of time on sustainability.

Without third party interference/intervention, the project developers Sunbridge Solar Nepal and Friends in Renewable Empire worked in tandem with the Ghurmi Community to complete the project in less than 6 months time.

Some pictures from the site:

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