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We help build a better future by providing green solutions for a sustainable tomorrow

Engineering Procurement and Construction

We are a one-stop shop for turn-key projects. We undertake projects right from the initiation to the completion. Our team undertakes the engineering works related to design, estimation etc. We then procure the components ourselves and undertakes the complete installation of the system.

Research and Development

We pride ourselves on our in-house laboratory wherein we undertake R&D works related to RETs. Our design and construction is tested in-house prior to field installation.

Engineering Training and Consulting

Our decade long experience in RETs has allowed us to share our knowledge with similar-mindset individuals and students alike. We undertake consulting tasks related to RETs.

Completed solar PV installations (kWp)
ltrs of Gasoline Mitigated
District Coverage in Nepal

Sustainable Consulting

We undertake consulting tasks on-site. We make sure that the consultation is worthy of the time and effort

Sustainable Construction

We follow the construction guidelines as per the standards set by the Building Code of Nepal Government.

Alternative solutions

Besides the Solar PV solution, we also provide alternative solutions to the use of gasoline fuel. Biomass, Hydro, Wind are other RET solutions that we explore.

Pioneers in Energy Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can make these visits within the valley at our own cost. For visits outside of the valley, the travel costs will be borne by the client. 

Although we specialise in Solar PV technologies, we can also provide you options for other alternative energy solutions like biomass, wind etc. 

Various factors govern the cost of the installation. As a thumb rule, 1 kWp of Solar PV installation with battery backup would cost NRs 250,000-300,000. 

As a general rule, 1 kWp of Solar PV modules cover an area of about 10m2 or 100 sqft. We require an obstruction free area for installation. 

We provide consulting services for listing your roof-top project under the AEPC RE policy. The consulting services comprise of initial energy audit followed by detailed energy audit. We will also provide services for the financing portion of your project.