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Sunkoshi Lift Rural Solar Drinking Water Project, Ramecchap

Sunapati Municipality is located at Ramechhap district east from Kathmandu. The mentioned rural drinking water project will be serving the village of Chyadi and Dahu. The site is situated approximately 95 km far from the capital Kathmandu. This project is estimated to serve drinking water to a population of 1660 approximately.

This is a three-stage solar lift project with two numbers of 20HP and one number of 10HP submersible pumps powered by a total of 115.320kWp Solar Panel system. The system layout comprises of the following features : 1st stage pumping – 47kWp Solar PV array lifting 76500 lpd to the second stage at a head of 250m, 2nd stage pumping – 47kWp Solar PV array lifting 76500 lpd to the third stage at a head of 270m, 3rd stage pumping – 13kWp Solar PV array lifting 46500 lpd to the top distribution tank at a head of 120m. 2075 metres of seamless 3.5 inch pipe was used for transmission of water from the source to the distribution tank.

AEPC (Alternative Energy Promotion Centre) in support of German Development Cooperation through KfW had invited bids for this project and Sunbridge Solar Nepal in joint venture with Sourya Energy participated in the same. The project was awarded on 25th February 2022 and the testing and commissioning of this project was completed on 19th February 2023.

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