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Renovation of hybrid solar PV system at UNICEF ROSA, Kathmandu

On the 15th of December, 2021, Sunbridge Solar Nepal Pvt. Ltd. was contracted with the task of dismantling the old non-operational system of UNICEF ROSA and renovating this system with the installation of SMA inverters and its system. This new system will allow for a robust operation with continual support.

The new system comprises of 3 units of Grid Tied Inverters of 20kW capacity along with 12 units of Off-Grid Battery Inverters of 6kW capacity (8kW peak capacity) and 288 units of 2V 1000Ah VRLA battery. This unit allows for an off-grid operation of 72kW peak power. The Solar PV is estimated to generate an average of 40,000 kWh of energy annually. The system has been synced with the AC mains (NEA) along with the 250kVA Diesel Genset and hence has 4 energy sources which has been prioritized accordingly to reduce both the costs and the ecological footprint of UNICEF ROSA. Remote monitoring feature is available for this system which allows for remote diagnosis along with fault finding for optimal performance.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels at UNICEF
Battery room
288 units of VLRA 2V Batteries and the Sunny Island Battery Inverters